Susana Alejandra González Biography

Susana Alejandra González Biography

Susana Alejandra González (born October 2, 1973 in Calera de Víctor Rosales, Zacatecas) is a Mexican actress. This particular Mexican actress is known for her talent, beauty and docile character.

She wanted to be an actress from a very young age. She was offered a chance to study acting in Mexico City after winning a beauty contest in her home town. When she was 18 years old, she won a scholarship to Televisa's acting academy, the Centro de Educación Artística. She was so determined to be an actress that she decided to move from Calera to Mexico City. She was encouraged by the enormous support she received from her family.

Her roles have ranged from a ruthless woman in Amigas y rivales to a sweet and naive girl in Entre el Amor y el Odio. In 2004 she starred in Al Otro Lado, a movie co-produced by Spain, Morocco and Mexico. This was an excellent chance for her to be known worldwide. In 2005 she was offered to work in Miami, Florida nearly for a year and a half to shoot the telenovela El Amor No Tiene Precio. This was a difficult time for her due to the time she had to spent far from home. In 2006 she took part in Bailando por la Boda de Mis Sueños, a reality dancing show. She did not win the first place but won the hearts of the people and judges because of her charisma, sweetness, will to succeed and tenacity. In 2007 she played the main role of Camila Darien in the telenovela Pasión, produced by Carla Estrada. In S.O.S.: Sexo y otros Secretos she plays the role of Tania. This TV show offers a perspective of a group of women with five different lives who take us into the private side of womenhood.


La que no podia amar (2011-2012) - Cynthia Montero Baez
Para Volver a Amar (2010–2011) - Doménica
Los Exitosos Perez (2010) - Alexandra 'Alex' Rinaldi
Mujeres Asesinas (2009) - Desconfiada
Pasión (telenovela) (2007) - Camila Darien
S.O.S.: Sexo y otros Secretos - Tania
Chinango (2007) as Sofia
Heridas de Amor (2006) as Liliana Lopez Reyna
El Amor No Tiene Precio (2005) as Maria "Liz" Elizabeth González
Cicatrices (2005) - Diana
Hospital el paisa - La Ex-Cita (2004) - Lucía Gordillo
Al otro lado (2004) - Caridad, Angel's mother
Silencio profundo (2003)
Velo de novia (2003) - Andrea Paz
Entre el amor y el odio (2002) - Ana Cristina Robles
Chinango (2002) - Sofia
Amigas y rivales (2001) - Angela
Rayito de luz (2000)
Amor gitano (1999) - Zokka
Cuento de Navidad (1999)
Mujeres engañadas (1999) - Ivette
Que vivan los muertos (1998)
Preciosa (1998) - Felina
Atómica (1998) - Chica Podium
María Isabel (1997) - Elisa
Sentimientos Ajenos (1996) - Norma

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