Flor Salvaje capitulo 147 Telenovela

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Flor Salvaje is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the U.S. television network, Telemundo and RTI Productions. Telemundo will air this novel from Monday to Friday in prime time from mid 2011. History is recorded in Colombia and Miami, Monica Spear Signature exclusive contract with Telemundo

Flor Salvaje: Amanda Monteverde after living the misfortune of the death of his mother and his brother, and trying to flee the stormy past, being still very young yet feeling responsible for her three younger sisters, come to a small town is starting in the oil industry, called "New Hope". Place where you play live situations even more difficult, but in which Amanda also know love. This is how to start your life pass before the names of its various loves: Sacramento, the man who will be your faithful friend and innocent love, Pablo Aguilar, the man who is his folly and passion, and finally Don Rafael Urrieta , the most powerful man of the people who try to be, practically her lord and master, as it is, of most of these lands.

Flor Salvaje Capitulo 147

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