El Árbol de Gabriel capitulo 111 Telenovela

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El Árbol de Gabriel: Gabriel Leon is a successful showman. With his Sunday show "The Marathon of Joy." Plagued by an unexpected health problem, Gabriel Leon is the urgent need to get a transplant of a vital organ, but has no family. Leon recalls that in his youth, donated semen at some institutions. Driven by this interest, then begins to search for those children, those potential donors. not know that this meeting with your family tree will totally change your life. Magdalena Miranda is a photographer fascinated by his profession and his family. I do not know is that her husband, to hide a fertility problem, took sperm insemination centers and has kept it deceived all the time. When she discovers the truth, Magdalena feel your ideal marriage is a sham. must reinvent your life. meets and falls for Gabriel Leon never dreaming that he is the father of her child.
"Gabriel Tree" tells the love story between Magdalena and Gabriel, who is still unknown and have a child together. But it also tells the story of many women, couples or solo, played in different ways by the miracle of motherhood. It is at the bottom of a great story of love, of learning, which demonstrates that passion can transform lives and make us all happier and better.

El Árbol de Gabriel capitulo 111

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