El Talisman capitulo 24 Telenovela

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El Talisman: It stars Blanca Soto who plays Camilla, a young woman whose life takes a drastic turn when she moves to "The Talisman" and meet Pedro Ibarra. Camila's father, Esteban Najera, is a compulsive gambler who loses his ranch in Texas in a game of cards. However, soon recovers the money and to start again, decides to take his family to California to purchase "The Talisman". Its previous owner, sick unto death, he sold the ranch to let Stephen gifted to his daughter, Mariana. But just before he died, he regrets having sold, and asks his foreman and protected, Pedro Ibarra, to marry Mariana and retrieve "The Talisman" at any price. Camilla's arrival to their new home marks the beginning of a passionate love story with many twists. From the moment they meet, she and Peter feel are right for each other. But there will be many enemies to overcome, beginning with Gregory Negrete, the owner of the neighboring estate, who will do anything to get hold of "The Talisman". Also be brought the children of Negrete, Lucrecia and Antonio, who fall in love with Peter and Camilla, respectively, and conspire to separate them. In addition, the marriage of Peter with the emotionally unstable Mariana is another major obstacle for the couple. When Gregory's father Camila tempted to participate in a poker game and win "The Talisman" cheating, Peter intervenes, play a game and ends up winning the ranch himself. Camila, feeling betrayed, believing that the man she loves has left his family in the street, goes away. Years later, his work as an agronomist brings it back to the area, where he meets with Peter and he realizes that he still loves. Camila now faces new challenges and adversaries, as he discovers that the past holds many secrets and that Peter is not the villain she thought.

El Talisman capitulo 24

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