Kate Del Castillo Biography

Kate Del Castillo Biography

Kate del Castillo (born October 23, 1972) is a Mexican actress. Kate Del Castillo is the daughter of Kate Trillo and Eric del Castillo, a legend of the Mexican cinema's golden era and a former soap opera actor himself. Del Castillo also has two other siblings; a sister, Verónica, and a half-brother, Ponciano, from her father's side. A participant in ten telenovelas, del Castillo made her acting debut in 1980 when she took part in a film called El Ultimo Escape (The Last Escape). She became well known in 1991 when she starred as Leticia in Muchachitas, a soap opera that was very popular all over Latin America. Muchachitas reached the top audience spots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, and among Hispanic audiences in the United States.

In 2002 and 2003, she embarked on an international tour alongside Argentinian actor Saul Lisazo, another well known figure in Mexico, with their play Cartas de Amor (Love Letters). On August 22, 2005, it was reported by the LAPD that del Castillo's new house, in Los Angeles, had been broken into by thieves, who took some jewelry from the actress. Del Castillo was in Los Angeles filming Bordertown, a film about the deaths in Ciudad Juárez, alongside Jennifer Lopez, when the robbery occurred.

In November 2007, she was named one of the Estrellas del Año (Stars of the Year) by People en Español magazine.

On February 3, 2001, she married football player Luis García. The marriage did not last long and was dissolved on September 1, 2004. On September 3, 2008 it was announced that she was engaged to actor Aaron Diaz. In August 2009, del Castillo married Diaz in a Las Vegas ceremony. They are currently living in Los Angeles, California.

2011: The Miracle of Spanish Harlem (Film) ... Eva
2011: La Reina del Sur (Telenovela) .... Teresa Mendoza
2009: Down For Life (film) .... Esther
2008: Vidas Cruzadas (webnovela)... Mariana
2008: Julia (2008 film)
2007: Under the Same Moon... Rosario
2007: The Black Pimpernel
2007: Trade (film)
2007: Bordertown
2006: Lime Salted Love (post-production)
2006: Bad Guys (completed) .... Zena
2005: American Visa .... Blanca
2004: Avisos de Ocasión .... Amanda
2003: Bajo la Misma Piel .... Miranda Murillo Ortiz
2001: El Derecho de Nacer .... María Elena del Junco
2000: Ramona .... Ramona Moreno
1999: Sendero Mortal II
1998: La Mentira .... Verónica Fernández-Negrete de Azúnsolo
1997: Reclusorio .... Estrella Uribe (Segment "Sangre entre Mujeres")
1997: Educación Sexual en Breves Lecciones .... Ana
1997: Alguna vez Tendremos Alas .... Ana Hernández
1996: Azul .... Alejandra
1995: Imperio de Cristal .... Narda Lombardo
1994: Amor que Mata
1993: Sendero Equivocado
1992: Mágica Juventud .... Fernanda
1991: Ambición Sangrienta
1991: Muchachitas .... Leticia
1983: Las Sobrinas del Diablo
1980: El Último Escape .... Barbara

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