Marjorie De Sousa Biography

Marjorie De Sousa Biography

Name : Marjorie Lissette De Sousa Rivas
Born :    23 April 1980 (age 31) Las Acacias, Parroquia San Pedro, Caracas, Venezuela
Occupation : Actress
Years active :    1992–present

At age 12 Marjorie began doing commercial for television and working of model. At the year 1999 Marjorie entered the beauty contest Miss Venezuela of the hand of the famous Venezuelan designer Giovanni Scutaro; Marjorie was named Miss Dependencias Federales 1999 in order to represent that little inhabited and beautiful region of the country (Dependencias Federales) in the contest. Marjorie occupied the position number 11 in the final election of the contest of Miss Venezuela of that year, it was on the verge of entering the picture of semifinalists. After leaving the Miss Venezuela, Marjorie went to Italy to participate modeling in an advertising campaign of Fórmula 1.
[edit] Professional Career

Returning to Venezuela, Marjorie initiated her career of television actress; in the year 2000 she worked in her first soap opera, Amantes de Luna Llena, with a secondary personage called Mayra, here she acted like university friend of Gaby Espino, youthful protagonist of the plot. This one novel was produced and emitted by the television channel Venevisión. Later Marjorie worked in another novel of Venevisión; in the year 2001 she participated in the successful soap opera Guerra de Mujeres, with the personage of Carolina, daughter of Mimí Lazo and granddaughter of Eva Blanco, within the plot, being main antagonist of Gaby Espino and becoming one of most popular within the plot.

In 2002 Marjorie left Venezuela to work in the soap opera Gata salvaje, a co-production of Venevisión and the North American Hispanic company Fonovideo. In this one novel of great international success, Marjorie interpreted Camelia Valente, one of the villains of history; in that opera she has perhaps been her best personage to the date and the one who has given greater international projection. When finishing that production, Marjorie entered working in the Mexican soap opera Mariana de la noche, produced by Televisa; there with a special participation of the name of Carol, and also she was a villain.

Next Marjorie worked in another successful novel of Fonovideo Rebeca de 2003 where she interpret the personage of Gisela, that was friend of the protagonist. In this novel she met her future husband Ricardo Álamo, shared again with stature figures as: Gaby Espino, Mariana Seoane, Pablo Montero and Victor Camera.

At the year 2005, after having contracted marriage with the Venezuelan actor of soap operas Ricardo Álamo, Marjorie returned to Venezuela to carry out the soap opera Ser bonita no basta of the television channel RCTV novel which, was not much successful this serious became her first artistic failure and its first protagónico. The masculine protagonist of this history was interpreted by the husband of Marjorie in the real life, Venezuelan actor Ricardo Álamo.

In 2006 returned to carry out another soap opera of RCTV, Y los declaro marido y mujer, a production acclimated in the Venezuelan island of Margarita next to Juan Pablo Raba, Verónica Sneeider, Christina Dickmann, and Marlene De Andradé. In its deprived life, Marjorie divorced of Ricardo Álamo. As Marjorie model she worked in many advertising campaigns for the Venezuelan and Latin market generally, for marks like Pepsi Cola.

But without a doubt her best contract to the date in that field, has been when integrating herself to the selectrd group of Chicas Polar; the equipment of gorgeous and young models and actresses who are the main axis of all the publicity of Cerveza Polar. La Cerveza Polar is most popular of Venezuela and is almost an icon of the country; and the girls of the sexy (and almost erotic) advertising campaign are considered like the elite of the most beautiful and voluptuous women of Venezuela. Therefore the popularity of Marjorie within Venezuela has grown much since she is one of the Chicas Polar.

In the year 2007 Marjorie began working in the soap opera called Amor comprado, produced by Venevision International the international branch of the Venevision channel ; with the personage villain sexy called Margot. The soap opera was rolled in the city of Miami (Florida, the United States). In addition she realise the antagonist figure in the novel of Venevision ¿Vieja yo?. Interpreting the paper of Estefania Urrutia. There were rumors that Marjorie made a pornographic video in April of 2009, in a hotel in the city of Miami and not yet it is known if it is truth or a assembly, the actress denies those rumors, the supposed video did not cause that Marjorie work to be affected to her as actress, some published the news so that she failed in her work and other defended of those lies, for her all this situation was not easy , but as all mature woman she knew how to defend herself of this lie that could affect in her work .

In 2009, she recorded the soap opera of Venevisión the International; Pecadora , in that she repeats like antagonist. At the moment she's in the new soap opera of Venevisión in Miami recording Sacrificio de Mujer next to the actor Juan Alfonso Baptista, both are the main protagonists.
[edit] Personal life

She was married to actor Richard Álamo from 2005 to 2006.

As of April 24, 2011, it has been confirmed that Marjorie is dating actor Julian Gil.

Soap Operas

La Mujer Perfecta (2010)
Sacrificio de Mujer (2010) - Clemencia Astudillo, protagonist
Pecadora (2009) - Samantha Sabater, antagonist ,protagonist (singer)
¿Vieja Yo? (2008 - 2009) - Estefanía Urrutia, antagonist
Amor comprado (2007 - 2008) - Margot, antagonist
Y los declaro marido y mujer (2006 - 2007) - Saioa Mujica, protagonist
Ser bonita no basta (2005) - Coral Torres Olavaria, protagonist
Mariana de la noche (2003 - 2004) - Carol, antagonist
Rebeca (2003) - Gisela Gidalva
Gata Salvaje (2002 - 2003) - Camelia Valente, antagonist
Guerra de mujeres (2001) - Carolina, antagonist
Amantes de luna llena (2000) - Mayra

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