Ludwika Paleta Biography

Ludwika Paleta Biography - (born Ludwika Paleta Paciorek on November 29, 1978) is a Polish-Mexican actress. She is the daughter of musician Zbigniew Paleta and Barbara Paciorek Paleta, and the sister of actress Dominika Paleta.

Ludwika Paleta was born in Kraków, People's Republic of Poland in 1978. When her father, the famous musician Zbigniew Paleta, was offered a job in Mexico, the Paleta family settled permanently. As a child, Ludwika was one day taken by her sister Dominika Paleta, to an acting audition and impressed the casting directors so much that soon after, she was offered her first television role in Carrusel (1989). Paleta became an instant celebrity with her character, and a sex-symbol among Mexican pre-teen boys. Three years later, in 1992, she returned to the small screen in what she calls her favorite television job yet, El abuelo y yo opposite Gael García Bernal. After a small hiatus she returned to the small screen playing the role of María de los Ángeles in María la del Barrio. Roles in Huracán, Amigas y Rivales, and Mujer de Madera soon followed. Her most recent work in television was in the Endemol-Telefe produced Los Exitosos Perez.

She returned in 2012 to mexican novelas since in the last four years in 2009 in the new version of Abismo de pasion a 1996 remake of Cañaveral de Pasiones, she play a small role as Estefania Bouvier de Castañón, Elisa's mother Angelique Boyer/(Brigitte Bozzo), Augusto's wife (Alejandro Camacho) and Carmina's sister Sabine Moussier, before she and Rosendo killed in a car accident.

Ludwika Paleta has obtained great fame and popularity in the Latin American country that has been her home since she was merely a child. In an interview, Ludwika Paleta declared that she loves both Mexico and Poland, but that she does not see herself living outside of Mexico in the near-future. She is fluent in Spanish, Polish and English.

In 1998 Paleta married Mexican actor, Plutarco Haza. Their son, Nicolás, was born November 11, 1999. They divorced in 2008.

Ludwika recently appeared on the cover of the magazine H para Hombres. She also joined actor Aarón Díaz as spokespeople for Calvin Klein in Mexico.

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