Amorcito Corazón capitulo 136 Telenovela

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Amorcito Corazón: Fernando Lobo is a young widower, unsociable, strong character, who thinks no one can replace his wife Soledad Andueza. Father of three daughters, decided to move to Caracas. Elizabeth Lamb is a beautiful and willful Interior Designer, who works as a teacher of Art. She has a boyfriend, but just before he handed it for the first time the gripping fear and experience becomes a disaster that will leave her scarred for life. After closing the cycle as oil manager, Fernando begins a new life as CEO of the brand "Caress," a lingerie factory owned by his mother, Frederica of Andueza autocratic. Have changed their world hates oil and military nearly this annoying item that wraps it in the feminine world. In his first visit to the company, a lingerie shower falls on it. Fate has sentenced to understand women, by hook or by crook.

Amorcito Corazón capitulo 136

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