Dulce Amor Capitulo 36 Avance

Hello friends over once a Telenovela channel you can watch in blog Biografia DVD with Dulce Amor Capitulo 36 Online, I hope you all can see through this blog. in the company of friends and family The Dulce Amor Capitulo 36 Avance on March, 12, 2012 I hope you can enjoy the Telenovela and Change comment .. Greetings and Thanks to all for following this soap opera ...

Dulce Amor capitulo 36: Marisa tells the story of Luján (Litzy), a young Mexican woman who due to unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate, migrates to the U.S. with Lalo, your 10 years of age. After arriving in Los Angeles and stay there for a short period of time, Marisa goes to Manhattan where he began working as a waitress in one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the Big Apple. It is at this time a love story flourishes when Marisa meets Christopher Parker (Eugenio Siller), a young businessman who for a very successful cree mistake that she is a guest of the hotel.

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