George Clooney Biography

George Clooney Biography - George Timothy Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky on May 6, 1961, is a singer, comedian and film actor and American television, winning an Academy Award and Golden Globe
George Clooney takes the show almost in the genes. His father was a popular TV presenter in Cincinnati: a child, George often went to the studio to watch him work and if the opportunity arises, to appear before the cameras. Although his first passion was not the interpretation, but baseball, unfortunately, could not see his dream of becoming a professional player ...

He discovered the cinema thanks to his cousin, son of actor Jose Ferrer, who encouraged him to intervene in a film with a short paper. The film was never released, but Clooney is then raised it to act seriously. So he moved to Los Angeles, where for years he worked as a child in countless television series. He became the highest paid unknown actor in Hollywood. Read Ben Affleck Biography

Everything changed in the mid 90's, when he participated in the ER. The series was hugely successful and made George Clooney a star. From then began raining offers for the film. His first major production was From Dusk Till Dawn, a vampire thriller by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

Job after job, George Clooney has been consolidated as one of the biggest stars of Hollywood both for its attractiveness as for his talent. In his films include such titles as the romantic comedy One Fine Day, with Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman and Robin, which he played Batman, Out of Sight, an intelligent thriller from Steven Soderbergh, or war drama Three Kings, which garnered rave reviews.

In recent times we have seen him in Ocean's Eleven, The Perfect Storm and O Brother, the Coen brothers comedy with Clooney took a Golden Globe Years later repeated with these principals in another comedy, Intolerable Cruelty, which starred with Catherine Zeta Jones.

It has also been associated as a producer Steven Soderbergh, both are responsible for Welcome to Collinwood, a black comedy in which George has a small supporting role, the thriller Insomnia, starring Al Pacino and Robin Williams, and Solaris, starring Clooney and directed by Soderbergh. He also made his debut as director with Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which also acts.

After his debut as a director, recently repeated the experience with Good Night, and Good Luck, where also played a supporting role. And it really seems that in addition to knowing how to act, also knows how to lead. With this impeccable work 2005 he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Director. And although ultimately it was Ang Lee who won the Oscar for best director, Clooney got his first Oscar as supporting actor for his performance in Syriana.

This year he released The Good German, starring alongside Cate Blanchett. He also presented the third part of the Ocean's saga, Ocean's Thirteen in Cannes Film Festival. It is estimated that this year debuts Michael Clayton, starring, and has another film in postproduction. At 46 years, George Clooney still has a lot of career ahead ...

He has made appearances on television sitcoms such as Roseanne and Friends.

He married in 1989 with Taila Balsam, whom he divorced in 1992. Conscious of their good poise, has installed an Image Consulting firm and has provided services to several characters, including Barack Hussein Obama.

During 2008 elections campaigned for presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, elected in November.

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