Biography Laudya Chintya Bella Indonesian Artist

Biography Laudya Chintya Bella Indonesian Artist. Laudya Chintya Bella was born in Bandung, February 24, 1988. Laudya began his career as a model and commercials, before eventually dabbling in acting. Bella was selected as a finalist in 2002 the magazine my friend, but his name became known when the movie plays as Biyan VIRGIN.

VIRGIN is precisely through the movie, Bella is learning acting from Eka D. Sitorus, caregivers Way Acting School Jakarta, was selected as one of the major female artists nominated for Best Festival Film Indonesia (FFI). Bella also has been named Actress Praised at London Film Festival (FFB) 2004.

Bella who has starred in films TEENS LOVE, RED LANTERN and NOT ORDINARY STARS. And through the soap opera jengkol skipper, Bella succeeded as the top actress SCTV Awards 2006 version.

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