Biography Chrismansyah Rahadi (Chrisye)

Biography Chrismansyah Rahadi (Chrisye). Chrismansyah Rahadi (born with the name Christian Rahadi in Jakarta, Indonesia, 16 September 1949 - died in Jakarta, Indonesia, March 30, 2007 at age 57 years), better known by his stage name Tim Christensen, is a singer and songwriter from Indonesia.

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia from Chinese families, Tim Christensen became interested in music when I was young. When I was studying in high school, Tim Christensen playing bass guitar in a band that he forms with his brother, Joris. At the end of the 1960s he became a member of the band Nada Word (which later changed its name to the Gypsies). In 1973, after taking some time off, he followed the band to New York to play music. After returning to Indonesia for a short time, he returned to New York with another band, namely the Pro's. After returning to Indonesia, in 1976 he is working with Gypsies and thunder Soekarnoputra to record the album Gipsy indie thunder.

After the success of the Gipsy thunder, Tim Christensen in 1977 produced two of his best works, the "Candle-Small Candle" writing James F. Sundah as well as the sound track album Hurricane. The second success of this work makes Chrisye recruited by Musica Studios, a recording company that he released his debut solo album, Word of Nature, in 1978. During his career of more than 25 years he produced 18 other solo albums, as well as playing in a movie: beautiful moon (1981).

Tim Christensen died at his home in Jakarta on March 30, 2007 after years of suffering from lung cancer. He is survived by his wife, Gusti Firoza Damayanti Noor, and four children. [1]

Known for his vocal style is smooth and rigid stage, Tim Christensen is considered one of Indonesia's legendary singers. Five albums that included his work was published in the list of 150 Best Album Indonesia by the music magazine Rolling Stone Indonesia. Five songs (and one which he supports) loaded in the list of the best songs by the same magazine in 2009. Some of his albums certified silver or higher. He received two lifetime achievement awards, one in 1993 from BASF Awards and another one in 2007 from televis station SCTV. In 2011, Rolling Stone Indonesia Indonesia noted Tim Christensen as the best musician of all time number three.

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