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Viggo Mortensen Biography - Born in New York for almost 48 years, Viggo Mortensen has had a very unusual life. North American mother and Danish father, this versatile player spent his childhood between the United States, Venezuela, Argentina and Denmark. At age seven he was sent to boarding school isolated in Argentina, and 11, when her parents divorced, his mother moved to New York where he continued his studies. Good student and great athlete, he graduated from Watertown High Sch in 1976 and attended college at St. Lawrence University.

Speaking English, Spanish and Danish perfectly, being an actor, photographer, musician, writer and painter, and with those big eyes it was inevitable that Viggo Mortensen would become a star in which it has become even make Aragorn in 'The Lord of the Rings' was the little push that was waiting to get the recognition they certainly have won.

After the race, Mortensen found something lost and went to Denmark where he wrote poetry and short stories in his spare time while doing all kinds of jobs, from a florist as a clerk to the port as a longshoreman. In 1982 he decided to return to his native New York following the woman he fell in love, hoping to raise a family and start a brilliant career as a writer, but ultimately failed any of the two.

She studied acting at Warren Robertson's Theatre Workshop in New York and started doing theater in this town, before debuting in the film by making a small role as Grangere Amish in "Witness" in 1985. That same year he participated in Woody Allen's The Purple Rose of Cairo ', but her scenes were deleted. In 1987 he worked with Exene Cervenka, singer of the punk band X, in the film 'Salvation!', With whom he was married and had his only son, Henry Mortensen, and they divorced after 11 years of marriage.

In his long career as an actor has worked with directors like Brian De Palma, or David Cronenberg. But despite having spent virtually every film genre and have made important roles in films such as Carlito's Way '(1993) Brian De Palma,' Psycho '(1998) Gus Van Sant,' A Perfect Murder '(1998) Andrew Davis, '28 Days' (2000) by Betty Thomas, with whom won critical acclaim, Viggo Mortensen shot to fame with the trilogy of "Lord of the Rings' (2001-2003 ) in the role of Aragorn Knight, who played in place of Stuart Townsend (the first candidate) encouraged by his son Henry, which was a big fan of Tolkien.

After she shot to fame for his role as Aragorn in the epic trilogy "The Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortensen returned to the big screen showing his undeniable talent for performance in 'A History of Violence" with Maria Bello. His last performance as the protagonist in 'Alatriste', a film by Agustin Diaz Yanes based on the series of novels by Arturo Perez Reverte, has already received rave reviews. In this production co-stars with the very best of Spanish cinema. His upcoming projects go through again with David Cronenbergh in 'Eastern Promises', with Naomi Watts, and participate in the filming of 'Good' by Vicente Amorim.

In addition to his brilliant career as an actor, he has explored other artistic fields such as photography, painting, music (he has recorded several albums of jazz) and writing (he published a book of poetry), and he still has time to be a model father for his son Henry, which is most important to him. His love of football mate and comes from his years in Argentina during childhood, thanks to which she also speaks fluent Spanish, we had the pleasure of hearing so many coasiones.

In 2010 it announced a new collaboration with David Cronenberg in the film A Dangerous Method, film adaptation of the play by Christopher Hampton's 2002 titled The Talking Cure. His argument revolves around the professional and emotional arising between Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightley), Carl Gustav Jung (Michael Fassbender) and Sigmund Freud. Mortensen who will end up giving birth to the creator of psychoanalysis to replace the actor Christoph Waltz, who due to scheduling problems for his contract to Water for Elephants with Reese Witherspoon Robert Pattinson and may not work well in the película.Se deny rumors about his alleged withdrawal from the world of cinema.

In 2011 Viggo will be starring in his first Argentine film, the thriller Everyone has a plan directed and produced by Ana Mariela Piterbarg Besuievski, Vanessa Ragone, Gerardo Herrero and Axel Kuschevatzky. Team Biografia DVD

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