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Alejandro Sanz Biography - Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro was born in Madrid on December 18 1968.Tiene by the stage name of Alejandro Sanz.

His parents Jesús Sánchez Madero and María Pizarro Medina, natural, respectively, of Cadiz town of Algeciras and Alcala de los Gazules. They had been installed some time in the Madrid neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, and then move to Mortalaz.

His passion comes from inheritance, as his father, Jesús Sánchez Madero was part of two musical groups.

At an early age began his passion for music since the age of seven he began playing the guitar, I was so eager to learn to play it, on Saturdays, but not go to school, got up early to practice. One day, her mother, who was tired of the small Ale not let them sleep, got up and broke his guitar.

As Alexander was not going to give up his vocation as an artist, or to stop going to guitar lessons, hit a newspaper ad on the site was broken. The announcement was a camera in and out a little bird. Since then their peers, jokingly called him "the child of the bird."

Their experiences were more intense as a child in the land of their fathers, Andalusia, where every summer he

"It's not how old she was, he was a kid, but my earliest memory I have it in Alcalá de Gazules, we were there in the town square, playing hide and seek with my brother and some friends when I realized that everyone was beginning to mess with a girl, do not know why, but the poor was having very bad. I do not think twice and went to defend and deal with who did falta.Me felt then like Prince Valiant, did not fit me for retired people and left alone. Since that time we became very good friends "

At thirteen or fourteen years, remembers his first night out in New Year's Eve, he went with friends to a local neighborhood to pick up your Chavalit and play the "it's kisses."

His best Christmas has always been in Seville. A New Year's Eve, got into the barn of the farm of his uncle Pepe Luis (Carmona), his cousins ​​and he assembled a party there, and when it was over, went peacefully at night to the camp and began to see stars . Although his friends said he bound and shot, Alejandro was already behind the odd amorous conquest.

Alexander always felt devotion to his family. In your wallet photos of his father, mother and brother (Jesus Sanchez Pizarro). At first he could father bought her a Mercedes and rode to his mother a hairdresser. "Grief," says Alejandro with his thick accent, "is that my mother since I put the salon and not cook."

I like girls since "has use of reason ', as he says.

The first girl in that was set was Elizabeth, a fellow sixth of EGB. In the time it took courage, he wrote a letter declaring his love, but when Elizabeth was received, he began to laugh. But that was not the thing, because the teacher, seeing that the girl was laughing so hard, took the letter and read it out loud .... Alejandro ran a horrible shame, but now he remembers fondly.

Marta was his great love. She wrote love poems and was declared before the whole gang at age thirteen. But their first kiss, gave it to Martha's sister, Olga whom he was in a small break that took Marta and because she thought he was not ready for a relationship yet, but later returned. It was a commitment to "full-blown", bought one the other two silver rings were exchanged. At this time, Alexander was very shy, but once plunged head was thrown .. The relationship of Alexander and Martha was very turbulent and were cutting and returning to 18 years, who decided to quit for good. She was the love that has marked his life, someone who saves the most wonderful memories

A South American TV presenter. Ingrid, Venezuela at that time she was 17 years when he had his brush with the artist in full promotion of the first disc.

Alexander met Mitchel Jaydy in April 1995
On December 31, 1998 Alexander married the Mexican model Jaydy Mitchell

The wedding was held in Bali and is not legally valid either in their respective countries and as he says: "We have not notified or the State or the Church, already have enough problems." Alejandro decided with Jaydy the wedding was held in Bali.

"We married in Bali because we love the spirituality they have. I did it so they could be alone, my family and hers, and be as discreet as possible and not have to be the cue. Unfortunately he rode, but I did so because was our way of seeing. "

Birth of first daughter they named Manuela on Saturday July 28, 2001 at two thirty in the afternoon, weighed 3.310 kilos and measured 49 cm. Jaydy joined the nine-thirty.

Alejandro told Jaydy told him and then came quickly, the baby was born in the afternoon and I was present. I put the clothes of a physician, it is difficult to put into words moments lived.

Alexander was then in Pamplona, ​​where he acted that night, but moved to Madrid to live the birth of her daughter and returned in the afternoon to meet their professional commitments.

His real take-off takes place in 1991 when signed to Warner and recorded "Living fast," with 10 songs written and being produced by Nacho and Miguel Angel Arenas Maño. Of this production stand out "The two holding hands" and especially "Walking Tall". His style began as a singer of ballads broken voice, aimed primarily at women. For their second repeat the pair production and would be confirmed as an author in songs like "If you look at me" and "How I miss you." Following the success of this production resulted in 1994 record a special acoustic with 5 songs of both discs, this production company called The 40 main "Basic." In 1995, the single core strength Madrid made this a familiar figure in several countries. Following the album's success and especially their song Heart breaking, popular consideration and audience changed dramatically expanded to people of all ages and both sexes, and became one of the best known artists of Spain.

In his last few albums their sound has gone farther and farther from the original pop sound, moving gradually to flamenco and other Mediterranean sounds.

In 2001, its growing popularity in international collaborations with foreign artists like The Corrs, a group with which he recorded an English version of his subject I'll called The hardest day and a Spanish version of the theme of The Corrs One Night called A night. That same year he became the first Spanish man to record an Unplugged for MTV television network. In 2005 made a track with Shakira, La Tortura, which was successful in countries like Spain, Mexico and the United States, singing this song with the Colombian became the first Spanish artist who opened a show of the MTV Music Awards.

On September 22, 2009, Sanz launched the first single from the album Paradise Express, "Looking For Paradise" a duet with Alicia Keys and November 10, 2009 is launched globally its eighth studio album, "Paradise Express", which contains 10 songs written and produced by him.?

Alejandro Sanz began his career in 1991 with the recording of the album Living fast. Thirteen years later, 20 million copies sold worldwide, a Grammy Award for Best Latin Album of the year is not the same (2004), 12 Latin Grammy Awards air on The Soul (2000), Unplugged (2001) and not the same (2004). He has done a super production with the most recognizable voices of flamenco music: The Beatles, Shakira, Lena, Malu, etc.

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