Osvaldo Rios Biography

Osvaldo Rios Biography

Name: Oswald Rios-Alonso
Born place: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Born date: October 25, 1968
Parents: Nelly Alonso the mother and Osvaldo Rios the father
Brothers/sisters: 2 brothers, Alexander and Osvaldo Luis and one sister, Mildred
Eye color: dark eyes and brown
Hair color: dark hair
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)
Weight: 85 kg
Nationality: Puerto Rican
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Religion: Christian
Other names: Oswaldo Ri­os
Favorite color: red and white
Pets: dog Akita
Hobbies: Reading, Music (Guitar and Dancing), Movie, Sports
Spouse: Geraldine Ferni¡ndez (1 July 2000 ) (divorced) 2 children
Sully Diaz (February 1986 ) (divorced)
Carmen Dominicci (3 August) (divorced) 1 child
Children: he has four children: three sons, Giuliano Gabriel (b.1990) and Osvaldo Gabriel (b.2001), Alesa
ndro Gabriel Rios Rosso (b. 2009) and a daughter, Jerry Anne (b.1993)
Occupation: Actor, model, singer and guitarist
Actual residence: Miami, Florida, USA
Studies: High school Dr. Jose M. Lazaro and university Universidad de Puerto Rico Centro Caribeno de Estudios post-Graduados New York; University (N.Y.U.)

Biography and Career:

Osvaldo Rios had his first job in show business where he was a singer and musician in some groups in his country. After he graduated Psychology he worked in his domain but not for long time because he decided to be an actor. And in that way he became e great and famous actor who is known from all the people, particularly by the women.

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