Belinda Biography

Belinda Peregrin Schull Madrid, August 15, 1989, is an actress and singer in Mexico, of Spanish, Mexican singer and actress. It is still a girl of barely ten years old when he debuted as an actress on TV in your country and become the overnight into a celebrity thanks to his excellent interpretive work.

Although today is perhaps best known for his role as singer for the interpreter, Belinda began as a child actor involved in the telenovela Amigos X Siempre in 1999. His grace and freshness that shows the cameras make this work is only the foundation stone for a career full of successes. Thus, those responsible for other Mexican telenovela, Adventures in Time, is hired to play a full role where you sing, dance and act.

Adventures in Time makes Belinda ever become a true idol for children in her native Mexico and soon the country's media do not hesitate to speak of it as the most famous child artist in the late 90's. At two telenovelas has already made is added to his resume its participation in numerous other TV shows such as Accomplices to the Rescue, Adal Ramones and Mariana and Silvana. It is in this series where he conducts one of the biggest challenges for a child actress, give birth to twins 12 years, which brings him the public recognition of their country to their artistic ability.

Belinda is not only a girl growing up exerting an actress. Since the beginning of his career he recorded a few records that correspond to their known television work and which are real success stories of sales thanks to the support of its many fans. Thus, in 2000, the album sees the light of Amigos X Siempre, released by the record company BMG.

We are the launches of Adventures in Time (published by Fonovisa) and Accomplices to the rescue, another title by BMG and is managed to sell over a million copies in the Mexican market. Some of the songs sound record of these works in most of his concerts: The power of friendship, I miss you, Covenant of Love, Forgive and dance with you, among others.

Over the years Belinda received several awards in recognition of his good work of art. In 2000 he was awarded the Palme d'Or for best children's disclosure and TV y Novelas Awards 2001, to the greater revelation. Moreover, in the same year she won the prize for you the best singer and actress. Likewise, sales of his album Friends x Always represent for her a triple gold and platinum.

Belinda gets older and no longer the most popular child artist in Mexico to become an idol for teenagers in the country. A symbol of its evolution is his latest album, Belinda. It features twelve songs that have collaborated in the composers who have worked with artists like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Pink.

More than 130 concerts throughout South America, performances in Spain and hundreds of thousands of spectators are a good example of the success of this album which includes even some songs in English. Be free, I'm sorry, Boba Niña Nice and Living are some of the most known of this Belinda for which the singer was even nominated for best album Billboard Latin women.

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